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"We approach our work with faith in people’s inherent capacity to grow and change. "


Who We Are

  • We are a group of wise and seasoned psychotherapists who have been multiply trained in a number of therapeutic approaches.
  • We have worked in agencies, supervised students, taught in training courses, in colleges and universities and have all been involved for decades in peer supervision.
  • We have Masters degrees and have presented in conferences. As well we have had our work published in magazines, journals and newsletters. We work with individuals, couples and groups.
  • As a group of mature and experienced therapists, we share similar and complementary values and beliefs in a number of areas.
  • We approach our work with faith in people’s inherent capacity to grow and change. We welcome our clients with compassion, including those qualities they do not like in themselves.
  • We recognize that all aspects of each person are interconnected and interdependent, just as we are to each other and to the universe.
  • In our view, humans are a unity of body, mind and spirit and it is a common human challenge to maintain balance among these elements. Trauma and developmental wounds are then evident in body, mind and spirit as well.
  • Our style is to work collaboratively with our clients while eliciting a quality of attention called mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of awareness that witnesses without judgment.
  • We look for the difference between limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns and our client’s inherent wisdom.
  • We believe that everyone has been hurt in some way at some time and we deeply respect those who choose to heal and grow in a therapeutic relationship.
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