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"Words that express thanks, joy, gratitude, or praise release certain potent energies within and around us not otherwise tapped. The act of thanksgiving carries the mind far beyond the region of doubt into the clear atmosphere of faith and trust where all things are possible."

— Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Prayer

About Mindfulness Psychotherapy:

  • Mindfulness based psychotherapy is a powerful innovative approach to healing that is based on ancient wisdom on how to tap the power of our own minds. Mindfulness means to pay attention, with intention, in the present moment, without judgment.
  • Individuals who practice mindfulness report that they have an enhanced sense of well-being, an expanded experience of joy in their lives and a more positive relationship with themselves and others.
  • Over 20 years of evidence based research has clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness approaches to stress reduction, to recovery from illness and more enhanced living.
  • In Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, the therapist and client work together to support the development of moment-by-moment awareness and by doing so, to create the ability to witness our experience and to choose our responses rather than to react automatically to our surroundings. By living mindfully, we can overcome stubborn mental patterns and live more joyfully.

We Are:

  • a group of wise and seasoned psychotherapists who have been multiply trained in a number of therapeutic approaches.
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